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Blog / Happy Earth Day 2014: Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Happy Earth Day 2014: Sustainability & Social Responsibility

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Written By Team Einhorn
May 10, 2020 12:00:00 AM

Happy Earth Day 2014 - Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility have always been issues that are incredibly important to all of us here at Stephen Einhorn. Because today is ‘Earth Day’ – a day that supports environmental awareness and protection, we thought we’d get a few words on the subject from Designer Einhorn himself…

“Right from the beginning we have tried to be as socially, environmentally and ethically responsible as possible. This means from our packaging (which has always been made of either recycled or recyclable materials), to where we source our precious metals and stones from, and of course, to how we treat our staff.

For me though, being ethical is a way of life. Ethics is the way you behave towards others as well as working conditions and materials that you use. I find that this is yet another bandwagon that a lot of companies have jumped on and it’s not necessarily true in some cases, but in the long run, it’s got to be better for all of us hasn’t it to be as ethical as possible in every way?”  – Stephen Einhorn


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