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    Destinee & Dirk – Series 1 Episode 2

    1. On the Honeymoon, Destinee realises that Dirk is a deeply troubled man. This is not what she had expected. In the dead of night, she slips away…….

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    The Story of Destinee & Dirk

    Destinee and Dirk were first conceived by the writer and installation artist Estella Meilleure. She was asked by Stephen Einhorn to devise a window display, to remind his customers that at Stephen Einhorn they make the best engagement and wedding rings in town.

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    Destinee & Dirk – Series 1 Episode 1

    1. Dirk proposes to Destinee and then they have their first row. Destinee has to confess that she has had a love child with the old seducer, Count Von Einhorn.

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    Destinee & Dirk – Series 1 Episode 3

    1. Destinee finds life with her second husband Tad strangely repetitious. She needs something to fill her empty days, to give her life some meaning.

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