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    The Stephen Einhorn blog where you'll find updates from Co-Founders Stephen and Jane, as well as the rest of Team Einhorn. Join the conversation, we would love to hear from you too!

    Stephen Einhorn is an ethical & sustainable jewellery brand

    Protecting our environment is something we have always taken seriously.

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    Stephen Einhorn’s Film Debut…

    Yes it has come to this… the call of the celluloid (well actually the call of the digital, but it doesn’t sound as good) has given Stephen his first appearance on film. Oh how we have laughed at the hair which really ought to get its own credit…weep on all you baldies out there… the hair is making...

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    Stephen Einhorn Receives Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark: The Highest Standards in Sustainability

    The Butterfly Mark recognises a brand's commitment to creating a positive impact on our world. 

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    Do you really know the jewellery company you are buying from? | The Stephen Einhorn Blog


    We have prepared a handy set of questions that you can ask when buying jewellery, to help you make more informed decisions.

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