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    Our Precious Metal Jewellery Guide: Rose Gold – Rich & Warm

    ‘A rose by any other word would smell as sweet…’ Juliet was of course talking about her Romeo, and she was right, after all, what’s in a name? Well, the rose we use here at Stephen Einhorn does indeed have several names – rose gold, red gold, and pink gold. But we’ll stick to the blustery softness...

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    Here Comes The Bride…

    It’s that time of year again….rain? Who cares? all you need to do is buy a job lot of wellies and those cheap ponchos you get at festivals to keep your guests snug and dry, or failing that if you are on a budget, bin bags for ponchos and carrier bags for the feet, and all will be well…unless you...

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    Bespoke Commission: Stephen’s 9ct Rose Gold Textured Weave Ring

    This bespoke men’s 9ct rose gold textured weave ring was commissioned as one of a set of wedding rings. It was designed to reflect old and new, texture with age… we think it works wonderfully and looks like it could have been excavated and cleaned up. It looks like an artefact. Just what the...

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    Women Proposing To Men This Leap Year…

    Yes ladies, this year IS a leap year. Tradition states that on ‘leap day’ (February 29th) you can throw your man to the ground, present him with one of our men’s engagement rings and demand that he marries you before he is allowed to get up again. This is only partly true.

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