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    Women Proposing To Men This Leap Year…

    Yes ladies, this year IS a leap year. Tradition states that on ‘leap day’ (February 29th) you can throw your man to the ground, present him with one of our men’s engagement rings and demand that he marries you before he is allowed to get up again. This is only partly true.

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    The Story Of Our Rings & Our Customer’s Stunning Magpie Tattoo

    This customer you see below, came in to buy two wedding rings.  Adding all the symbolism of shared experiences that they could within their rings, this is what we did for them. We used metals and stones to remind them of their shared experiences.  Then boom! He came in and showed us the most...

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    Our Newly Refurbished Shop Is Now Open!

    Yes although delayed (heavy sigh) our newly refurbished London jewellery shop is finally open and it looks amazing! Oh yes totally eye-catching, sophisticated and really rather original, though we say so ourselves. One of our favourite places in London is the Royal Festival Hall, we love the...

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    Photo Friday – And The Bride & Groom Wore…Trainers

    And the bride and groom wore… trainers! Who would have expected that under that diaphanous bridal gown lay a pair of red high tops. We love this individual touch.

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    The Wedding Of The Year (Even Though It’s Only April)

    Yes for us, this was THE wedding of the year! Whoever else might get married this year, I’m sorry but it won’t be as great as this one was. Our beautiful Lily got married to the wonderful Alex in an inspired service at St Matthias Community Centre in Poplar.

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