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    Stephen Einhorn Men’s Oxford Ring in The Metro Newspaper

    Check out Stephen Einhorn’s Oxford ring featured in the Metro’s Father’s Day gift guide. What!? You still haven’t got your dad anything! You better get a move on it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. If you’re in need of a bit of inspiration check out our hand-selected Father’s Day jewellery gift ideas.

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    Stephen Einhorn’s Men’s Jewellery in Beige Magazine

    Check out all the lovely pieces from Stephen Einhorn’s men’s jewellery collection in the latest issue of Beige magazine. We love the fact that they haven’t used ‘typical’ model types and doesn’t the jewellery look fantastic?! The designs featured are the Tongue and Groove Thames Wood cufflinks...

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    Stephen Einhorn, His Jewellery & London Shop in City & Angel Magazine

    What a wonderful profile piece by Gemma Billington on Stephen Einhorn, his background, company history and current designer jewellery and bespoke jewellery collections.

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    Women Proposing To Men This Leap Year…

    Yes ladies, this year IS a leap year. Tradition states that on ‘leap day’ (February 29th) you can throw your man to the ground, present him with one of our men’s engagement rings and demand that he marries you before he is allowed to get up again. This is only partly true.

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